Changes are afoot ……

curiosity_catThis blog is about to undergo a massive remake. The reason for this is that it will soon be attached to our new web site. We are excited to report that our family of beta testers will begin using the new on-line assessment system this coming week. They will be reporting back to us, alerting us to any difficulties they encounter. This process will take some months, so we expect to launch the system in the first half of 2015. It has been a long time coming, but then all quality programs are.

Please, as the last act you take regarding this blog, watch the youtube link that Bob Rose kindly shared in the Guess Posts section .. thank you Bob

A big thank you to all of you and we hope you will stay with us through these changes. You will still be able to use our current URL – or reach us via our web page when that is set up. I will post a link when that happens.