Can it really get any worse?

UnknownI draw readers attention to the report by research fellow Jennifer Buckingham (“Nice plan to toughen teacher degrees” The Australian Nov 17) that the University of Wollongong is offering would-be primary school teachers courses in ‘Social Justice’ and ‘Supporting Children to be Environmental Change agents’. I remind readers that Wollongong is also the centre for Whole Language, the literacy teaching system rejected by researchers throughout the English-speaking world, the same system that failed to detect the greatest decline in Australian reading standards.

May I suggest that Wollongong teacher trainees resign to seek another training centre with an educational rather that an anarchistic agenda and that the University Council investigate this faculty before the rest the public simply dismisses a Wollongong degree as worthless.


1 thought on “Can it really get any worse?

  1. Byron,

    All early-grade teachers should make sure students can write the alphabet with measurable fluency. This couldn’t possible do any harm, and could make a terrific difference!

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