Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favour of testing – so I’m deeply dismayed by the misuse of testing by the education “Industry”.

SAT heading

“Own your own future” … bit of a mockery if they are indulging in data mining student’s results.

SAT stands for “Scholastic Aptitude Test” and is used to determine college entry suitability.

Is there no end to the mess that education is becoming?

On-line testing is fraught with problems, particularly in the US, where Pearson Publishing rules.

It’s at the mercy of weather conditions, technology equipment, hosting problems, the hit & miss affair of multiple choice questions (the fewer options the greater your chance of guessing right).

Not only that … taxpayer monies are increasingly raided to purchase IT equipment leaving less & less for the proper training and employment of teachers who want to actually teach in the true spirit of providing a rounded education.

Now we find that not only are student results not confidential – they can be sold for profit.

Students in US, UK & Australia all sit SAT tests.