We opened our newspaper and saw this headline: “Great minds here to help”

Unknown-1Headline: “Great minds here to help”

We began reading & our Jiminy Cricket became somewhat perplexed.

We began researching the speakers, we were somewhat more perplexed.

We dug a bit deeper on one of the major speakers in particular and began to be alarmed.

So the reason for our absence is thus explained.

As a result of all this digging we fear that Common Core & its accompanying supports may be trying to infiltrate into Australia and that Tasmania is seen as an easy target. They may be in for a shock.

We have opened an new page on the blog … and called it ALERT. The page will contain all things related to Common Core. It will be the link page for all FaceBook adverts & Twitter activity.

If you become equally alarmed please help by Tweeting, Re-blogging, Sharing with FaceBook etc.

Jean & Byron