Headline Mercury June 17th 2015 ‘Great minds here to help’

Here we go again. Repackaging is the name of the game.

Is Tasmania being targeted? Education conference mid July   includes advisors implicated in the spread of Common Core in US

Call it what you will:

Whole Language

Balanced Literacy

Eclectic Approach


(Variously referred to as / Real Books / Language Experience / Whole Word / First Steps / Essential Learnings / Emergent Literacy / etc The terms above are the ones that stuck … but overall “Whole Language” is best known.)

Then along came “Common Core” backed by those with a vested interest in what has become the Education Industry.

The Chancellors of Universities are being used by the “Industry” to support their “cause” (“The Industry” prefers to call it a “vision” – DO NOT BE FOOLED – it is self-interest in terms of  dollars & domination – it is corporate).

Common Core is Whole Language on steroids.

Our fear is that our own Tasmania may be the target for a push to introduce Common Core onto the Australian education scene.

If Common Core advocates think that Tasmania is a push-over they may be in for an shock.

Be Aware: Common Core in combination with Pearson PARCC testing and the Charter School movement (replacing public schools) has brought US education to it’s knees. Politicians have the wrong advisors when it comes to education.

Common Core advocates continue to IGNORE child cognitive development.

Infant learners are struggling unnecessarily due to UNSOUND pedagogy.             This has been the case for decades & is the reason for our current low literacy levels. 

Forget “retention rates” – students leave school early because they can’t read & write. 

Our politicians listen to unsound advise that focuses their attention on higher education initiatives  (red-herrings) – just like the mid July conference in Tasmania will. And STILL infant learners will be left out to suffer failure – and what do the unsound message-bringer’s care? They are happy to promote their “cause” right or wrong. It’s akin to winning the game but the message doesn’t count.

Look at “Infant Grades” – see & focus on the elephant in the room.


Teachers – please follow this link http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2015/03/23/elementary-school-teachers-how-parcc-testing-is-affecting-our-classrooms/ 

What is happening to our profession is frightening.

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