Has this conference been arranged mainly to foist Common Core on Tasmanians?

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The fad is called Common Core and, in line with all the other failed fads, has no basis in science.

There is a saying in police investigations “follow the money trail” and here there are two names to remember: the first name is Henry De Sio. He ran Obama’s presidential campaign in 2009. He is also the advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which substantially funds Common Core. He will speak at the conference.

The second name is Michael Barber of the Pearson Education empire who will also speak at the conference.

Barber reportedly once asked De Sio ”Do you imagine that, like the Obama campaign, this idea will become unstoppable regardless of what governments or corporations do?”. 

The question highlights the real & present danger to Tasmania in what  looks suspiciously like the establishment of a beachhead, the prelude to an all-Australian marketing push.

But that is not the problem. The real danger is of our accepting a nonsensical series of tests, that have no basis in science, that offend established basic principles of developmental psychology, and that will put our infants in harm’s way for another thirty years.

Common Core must be rejected by every primary school teacher, every principal and every parent. It comes to you courtesy of Pearson Education, the biggest publisher of educational materials in the USA and is funded by the American computer industry. It should therefore come as no surprise that Common Core will require a massive increase in books and computer sales valued at billions of dollars. Who does this benefit?

In case it escaped your notice, Pearson will deliver the first on-line NAPLAN tests in 2016.

The Department of Education have already spent $24.7 million on the online move. Read the propaganda on the created need for new ‘equitable’ equipment (computers) in schools. Who is the beneficiary here? Pearson Education

Imagine how many teachers this could buy.

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  1. Thank heavens Scott Walker will be the next POTUS. He handled school unions in his own state, and will hopefully fix US education as president, WITHOUT CC.

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