Our Unstoppable Blog Poet: A Paean to Reformers

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Our blog poet, who signs as SomeDam Poet, contributed these words of wisdom:

Hail Arne
Full of Gates
The Core is with thee
Mes-sed art thou among Reformers
And mes-sed is the fruit of thy room, RTTT

Our Coleman
Who aren’t an educator
Hollow be they claim
Thy King-dom come,
Thy will be dumb,
In NY as it is in Washington
Spare us this Core our daily bore,
and forgive us our testpasses,
as we forgive those who testpass in charters ;
and lead us not into DAM nation,
but deliver us from Common Core.


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1 thought on “Our Unstoppable Blog Poet: A Paean to Reformers

  1. With the publication of Jeanne Chall’s “The Great Debate”, our attention swung to phonics. And with Marilyn Jager Adams’ “Beginning to Read” the question became, “How can we best teach phonics?

    Yet dyslexia continues as it did before, so it must be time for a bold new idea. More than have of students finishing first-grade in America still can’t write and name all of the alphabet letters, though with suficient practice all kids can become fluent at writing the alphabet in K-1.

    Is the answer as simple as that?

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