Critical Questions about Computerized Assessments and SmarterBalanced Test Scores



A recent report from the Public Policy Institute reveals that the majority of California’s public school parents are uninformed about the new tests their children took this year. And despite numerous concerns regarding technological barriers, biases, and testing administration problems, it appears that in a matter of weeks, “test scores” will be released to the public.

The following includes adapted selections of a letter I sent to the California State Board of Education for their upcoming meeting on July 8th and 9th. Those interested in viewing the livestream of the meetings may do so here.  My purpose in sharing this information is to draw attention to the lack of scientific validity of the test scores that are soon to be released to the public, and to promote critical thinking about issues of fairness, accessibility, data security, and standardization in the test administrations.

It is important to consider that unless assessments are independently…

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