We’ve been to the conference … so ?


We were pleasantly surprised that the confrerence speakers had created a space in which discussion topics from all points of view were able to be aired. This is heartening indeed.

However, once again, there was no mention of the infant or primary sectors. We distributed the above cards to remind those present that we can’t discuss the issue of retention without acknowledging its source.

This tendency of educators to address issues at the top with scant or no reference to the K-6 sector is disturbing. While K-12 is referenced only 7-12 is discussed. We need to acknowledge the bleeding obvious …

Root rot

How can continuing to spray the canopy of the tree of knowledge solve anything when root-rot is the cause.

Trainee teachers have been complaining for over a decade that they leave teacher training without a clear understanding of how to teach reading to infants. NO ONE appears to be listening. NO ONE appears to be responding. NO ONE appears to even acknowledge the glaring problem and certainly NO ONE is doing anything about it.

Universities are turning a blind eye to the rampant bias of training eminating from their education faculties. We suggest that they investigate the denial (by ed faculties) of evidence from other disciplines that clearly shed a light on the inappropriateness of current practice in our infant grades.

We know that this bias has been aided and abetted by past Education Departments throughout the world but we had hoped that our current Tasmanian departmental staff were now willing to support the changes required to turn the situation around. In January the NSW Board of Studies released a damning report on teacher training in their state. We had hoped that Tasmania would undertake a similar audit?

There are other, even more disturbing trends other that those expressed above … wait for the next post.

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