*I Am Not Tom Brady* Here comes that buzz word “Transformation” again …

*I Am Not Tom Brady*.

The link above is a must read … this nonsense is killing the sort of liberal education that we know, love and value.

Note that the teacher in this story, the kind of teacher we want for our children, was sacked. The mind boggles at what sort of automatum replaced her.

It’s time to fight these know-all know-nothing “experts” and let them know that we want them kept well away from our children.

I have no idea who Tom Brady is but if this is a description then I consider myself blessed to never have known him.


One thought on “*I Am Not Tom Brady* Here comes that buzz word “Transformation” again …

  1. I confess that I had never thought of involving a tutor with auditory link as part of teacher training and my first reaction was ‘what a great idea”.
    But this article brings into sharp relief the dangers of creating tutors who have neither the humanity born out of courtesy towards students nor the strategies arising from success in teaching.
    These tutors should be sacked. What might be useful are a series of films of succesful teachers performing miracles and add commentary later. Then, if we get a nonce-tutor like those on this film, we know who we want to sack.

    Byron Harrison
    VAS Research


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