A formula for change … be it the ‘good’ the ‘bad’ or the ‘downright ugly’ – Is America trying to sell us yet another ‘pig in a poke’?


The Conference:
The first keynote speaker was Henry De Sio, Chief election champaign advisor for Obama.

This speaker gave an overview of Social Entrepreneurialship.
There is a formula for effecting “change for the good”. We feel that it is just as likely to promote harmful change.

The approach is one of “effecting change from the middle”, while keeping the puppet masters out of the picture. Participants (the puppets in the middle) are given courses in how to effect the desired change. They are instructed in how to “Grow into their ‘Bigness’” (take on the role of leaders). They are given strategies in how to promote the puppet master’s agenda, how to effect ‘Transformation’.

It appears that this formula is being used to drum up support for Common Core Standards in the US. Web sites to this end abound.

Whilst ….

Parents are in the streets marching with placards, opting their children out of poorly designed tests and protesting over the closure of Public schools and the speedy oproliferation of Charter schools to replace them.

Teacher’s themselves are on-line and on record as protesting that the high stake tests are developmentally inappropriate; the marked increase in student and teacher stress and anxiety; that teaching time is being usurped by test preparation; that they are opposed to the idiotic concept of using student data to judge teacher competence (regardless of whether they teach the disadvantaged or the advantaged), which has led to many losing their tenure.

There is fear in the schools, alarm in the homes, despair in the students, ignorance in the corridors of power but silence from the instigators.

3 thoughts on “A formula for change … be it the ‘good’ the ‘bad’ or the ‘downright ugly’ – Is America trying to sell us yet another ‘pig in a poke’?

  1. American education is “progressive education”, of Democrat Party education. One cannot expect anything good from the Obama education or from the American Secretary for Education, Arne Duncan.

    1. Bob, I have the feeling that, like most politicians, they have education advisors who push their own agendas regardless of the harm it inflicts on the community. In this instance it is innocent children who are the target & it sucks big-time.


      1. Jean: I agree completely, and often think of what a school book salesman once said, “Everyone says they want an effective program, but mostly what they want is something that agrees with their own pre-conceived ideas”.

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