Preparing for the class of 2030 in Kindergarten?


There appears to be a belief that the prime purpose of students becoming “College and Industry Ready” is that this is the best preparation for dealing with our ever changing society. Many of us would think the opposite holds true.

Following the last blog, we have noticed a proliferation of teacher groups on the web promoting Common Core.

These teachers fit the ‘Social Entrepreneurial’ mould, they have …

The innovative mind
The service heart
The entrepreneurial spirit
The collaborative outlook

In other words they are ‘good people’ being used to promote an ‘agenda’. Whose agenda?
Could it be the agenda of those with a vested interest in Common Core, mainly Pearson Education & Bill Gates?

In teacher training these ‘lead from the middle’ teachers, these good people, were denied vital knowledge that contradicts Common Core practices; alternative knowledge that is supported by science and vindicated by results.

These good people are promoting a ‘pig in a poke’ philosophy without any understanding of the merits of a more suitable route, a route that is in keeping with what we know of infant cognitive development.

As John Walker from the “Sounds-Write” group demonstrates so clearly, we must understand the cognitive load we place on infants at the point of learning.

Getting expectation levels right is critical. Common Core is alarmingly off the mark, with expectation levels ridiculously more advanced than development allows in infant grades – this is indefensible – it is simply bad teaching practice.

Are we stealing children’s childhoods? There seems to be something inherently cold and unforgiving afoot.


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  1. Maria Montessori wrote that the best ages for kids to learn to write and to read is from 3 1/2 to 4 1/2. They must learn not only to write the alphabet letters, but to “overlearn” the skill until they can write the alphabet fluently. A good start in education is what will give us a better world.

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