Warning : We’ve seen Bullyboy testing : Now we see Bullyboy teaching.


Power-hungry “change makers” have the blind audacity to simply ignore the worsening teaching shortage in the US!

So these Bullyboy administers think they can treat an entire profession with contempt and derision & get away scot-free?

Who would want to take up teaching as a career in the United States of America?

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3 thoughts on “Warning : We’ve seen Bullyboy testing : Now we see Bullyboy teaching.

  1. Teachers would have public respect again if they just taught youngsters properly, but their politics seems more important to them than the children do.

    1. Bob, the fault is not the teachers – it is their training. It must be nightmare having to face a class of infants with not only misinformation but more than half of the required skills withheld from your training. Because it doesn’t fit the seriously flawed philosophy. It’s a tragic waste of our children’s opportunities in life and our taxpayer’s dollars.


      1. Jean,

        I completely agree. In the USA, more than half the children finishing first-grade (two years of school) still can’t write and name all of the alphabet letters. This is because teachers don’t know how important it is, nor how much practice it takes for kids to become writing fluent. Teachers are generally very good people, but most people don’t know that John Dewey was an avid communist, and that his principles are political, not educational.

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