Society’s dilemma: How can you ‘educate’ the uneducated? (Apart from 3 word slogans?)

octopus-666494 If your curious about this over-priveledged, power hungry octopus – read on …

I read the following article …

It concerns predatory academic publishing … about time this was addressed.

My response in their comment’s follows:


Nowhere has predatory academic publishing been more prevalent than in the field of education itself.

While we are still reeling from one academic’s perceived assumption that “Reading is a psycholinguistic guessing game.” (Goodman) along comes the ultimate threat … “Common Core”. This is further decimating education in the USA.

While it touted the intention to raise the standards of education for the poor and literary challenged students, it turns out to be a plan to shut down the public schools serving them in favour of charter schools who don’t want these children!

This latest push to corporatise education is a publishers dream. Pearson, who owns 90% of the education market is in a position to promote it’s own products & earn mega $$$. The Gates Foundation and ALEC members are in a position to fund their own agenda/s. High Stakes Common Core testing requires technology – computers, tablets etc (constant updating is a given).

Bill Gates is providing a new tablet to rival the iPad. His tablet, named “Surface”, is to have exclusive rights to Common Core materials (supplied by Pearson of course). Gates is denying any suggestion that he may have alterier motives for the millions he is providing.

Parents are in the streets protesting.

Are there no journalists out there interested in the potential push of this octopus-like goal for world domination of all matters educational – that we are under serious threat?

I could go on about the connections of ALEC – Pearson & Gates, who have made a push into the African countries ‘doing good things’.

From Diane Ravich’s bog: “This may not come as a big surprise. The Economist magazine, known for its free-market perspective, supports the growth of private schools for the poor in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Did you know that Pearson, the British mega-corporation, owns a 50% stake in the Economist?”

Come on guys – this is HUGE … we need journalists like you to weigh in on this before the second wave of American stupidity in education washes over us. Pearson & Common Core are already established organisations in Australia. Just join Diana Rivich’s blog for a week .. take 2 minutes to look at the preview of “The Building Machine” on YouTube

These are the matters that count. If you want to dramatically improve literacy in Australia, take infant education off of the existing, entrenched, ideologically driven pseudo academics ‘training’ (mistraining) our infant teachers.

If we can’t stop this problem then we need to be more adroit at sussing them out and avoiding their influence.

Forget the big push for “College Ready” / “Retention rates” etc. We can keep spraying the canopy till the cows come home. If our children can’t read then they can’t wait to leave school.

The REAL problem is root-rot. It lurks in infant grades & the movers & shakers and advisors to our political ministers will do anything in their power to keep the focus off infant grades & infant teacher training.

If journalists would only help by digging down to the roots where the problem is hiding and shine a torch on it we might save ourselves from the predictable onslaught of “Common Core”. Our weakness is their opportunity.

I am a tutor. I see the unneccessary failure fallout daily. Our children are the victims, they are many and I weep for them. Our entire society suffers.

Time and time again I see reference to important issues calling for the need to “educate the people”? How do you educate the uneducated?


4 thoughts on “Society’s dilemma: How can you ‘educate’ the uneducated? (Apart from 3 word slogans?)

  1. Jean: I agree with everything you say. In the USA, more than half our students finishing two years of school still can’t write and name the alphabet letters fluently. I’m very anxious to see if fixing this will also help the reading problem. I know that things are just as bad in the U.K., but I wonder about schools there down under. Could you tell me?

    1. Like the rest of the world, any gains made appear to be small and pretty much unmoveable. According to the Naplan tests, some results are in decline. Naplan tells us nothing we don’t already know. “Your child does not meet the MINIMAL literacy standards in reading and writing.” So? Now what? Will anything different happen? NO. Will I, as a parent gain any knowledge about WHY my child is failing the MINIMAL requirement? NO.

      NAPLAN does not test foundation reading skills (phonic knowledge). If the test included foundation skills we would have something to work on. But that would expose the REAL problem in spectacular clarity – heaven forbid.

      I’m afraid Goodman’s erroneous statement that reading is a “psycholinguistic guessing game.” has contaminated education the world over.
      Byron & I are seeing signs that our politicians are unprepared should Common Core seek to spread it’s tentacles into our world.

      On the positive side NSW in particular is taking the education demise seriously, having conducted an enquiry into teacher training; the resulting report is damning. Will this sort of exposure offer us some protection from US influence? We can but hope. Feels like a touch & go situation.


      1. Jean:

        You still haven’t told me if kids down under are able to write the alphabet well. In the USA, ALL lagging readers are unable to write all of the letters, but once they practice until they can write the whole thing in 40 seconds, they read spontaneously, doing away with dyslexia and reforming education. But this is so political here that we won’t see change until the Republicans win in 2016, and give school vouchers to all parents, who won’t send their kids to schools that don’t teach writing and reading. Kids can name random letters at the same rate they can write them, and kids who name more than 40 random letters per minute never have academic problems later. I know this is also true in Britain, I only wish I knew about down under.

        1. So sorry Bob. I responded to a request from another reader, when I logged in, I was astounded to find that it had been 6 months since my last entry! You can safely acknowledge that America has successfully infected the entire English Speaking world with the “regressive-progressive” education virus and all that that entails. Also sorry to inform you that ‘vouchers’ offer parents the option to choose a “Charter School”. Charter Schools run Common Core, are anti teacher unions, follow a ‘no excuses’ punitive disciplinary system belonging to the dark ages and are already supported by the Democrats – oh and they evaluate teachers based on PARCC contaminated data (latest though is that to teach in a Charter school you don’t require a teaching degree)! Anyone can open & run a chain of such schools (no need to be an educator). We are hearing about massive misuse of Gov funding. The whole sorry mess is supported by the big-end millionaires who stand to profits (they have openly called education a great little ‘cash-cow’. It’s all about closing public schools and a world-wide Corporate takeover of education – FOR PROFIT. Read Diana Ravitch’s blog if you are in any doubt of the scope of the problem. Australia has hired ‘Pearson Education’ of PARCC fame to run our NAPLAN on-line testing this year. The question is “Is Australia’s ‘National Curriculum’ Common Core by another name?

          From the outside the US education system appears to be a Basket Case.

          Thanks for caring Bob,

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