Why am I not surprised?

Carol Burris: Test Results Unimpressive in Third Year of Common Core

by dianeravitch

Carol Burris analyzed the New York State results in the third year of Pearson testing for the Common Core, and she was underwhelmed.

She says the results are “a flop. The proficiency needle barely budged.” Achievement gaps grew.


So why am I not surprised that all the money spent on this transparent self-serving shift to corporatisation is the real failure?



  • raise the pass level of the test/s
  • fail to adjust the teaching approach
  • steal what time teachers have to teach & learners to learn by demanding rigorous prep testing sessions (teaching to the test)
  • threaten teachers with loss of tenure
  • burden students with the knowledge that their teacher could lose his/her job if they fail the test
  • add to that burden with the threat that your school could close (purpose of the whole exercise)
  • rely on technology that frequently fails to deliver equitable opportunities (times scheduled prior to prep testing, equipment breakdown, IT provider problems)
  • deliver seriously flawed test questions (ambiguous, fail to make sense, are clearly developmentally inappropriate to age group/s, can have more than one answer) (refuse to replace or adjust problem questions) (ignore advise of proper experts)
  • provide a marking system with zero room for teacher discretion – student’s answer was correct but student didn’t use the same words as the tests prescriptive answer/s
  • set up unrealistic expectations (K-1 using a keyboards with capital letters and not knowing the placement of the keys, hrs long sessions when psychologists recommend a 10 – 15 minute concentration span!)
  • deny that students in public schools are set up to fail & that the real impetus is to take a sledge hammer to the public school system and replace it with corporate owned charter schools


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