I Don’t Know the Kids: Not That Well

Reality can be so comforting.

The Traditional Teacher

One of the most refreshing things about David Didau’s latest book, What if Everything You Knew about Education Was Wrong? is his determination to induce doubt in his reader’s mind. Complacent certainty is a debilitating thing for teachers.

A clear example of this kind of complacency is contained in the words, ‘I know my pupils’. It’s the killer punch to an argument, because it is not falsifiable. There is no definitive evidence that can be presented to refute this statement. One can debate endlessly over the evidence for this approach or that, only to have the whole discussion closed down with these four short words. The implication tends to be that ‘you can pontificate all you like about cognitive science; you can use any logical argument you like; but I possess knowledge which supports my approach, knowledge to which you evidently have no access, you cold-hearted intellectual, you!’

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  1. Everything we read about education IS wrong, but the truth is simple: Get rid of progressive education and re-introduce fluency. 40 letters per minute handwriting in the first year; more than 40 correct answers per minute to simple addition questions in the third year.

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