Education – The Real Deal …

In the video below I’m reminded of what we stand to lose. There is an increasing shift towards ‘information texts’ and away from quality literature. (Information text & film are easier to deal with than quality literature for the growing number of semi-literate students; courtesy of the last American Folly, that being, Whole Language in Infant Classrooms).

There is an increasing move towards the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects with a view to providing workers to fit in with industry (future jobs) at the expense of the Arts. Note gov. funding cuts to the Arts & to the Research arms of Science. Also note: NAPLAN over time records: Yr 3 – 24% of students in the top band / Yr 5 11% of students in the top band / Yr 7 9% of students in the top band / Yr 9 4% of students in the top band (only a small cohort suited for STEM subjects). I am in no way diminishing the value of STEM pursuits, for personal achievement and societal service, only the devaluing of other equally important pursuits. A rounded education is what builds people of calibre, people capable of governing and building a nation.

Education is so much more than subsistence, it’s about feeding what’s unique in each and every one of us. If our dreams are reduced to an ever bigger roof and an ever higher wage, if this is all the ‘think tanks’ and the bureaucrats can come up with then I’ll rebel. I want my grandchildren to have the dream …


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