The true state of affairs in Education

Saying it as it is GERM (Global Education Reform Movement) is killing education. Standardisation is NOT a “Race too the top” it is a “Race to the middle” – a “Race to mediocrity”. The quality thinkers are made to waste their time – to aim for “a job” in a STEM subject. The future innovators, researchers, artisans, musicians, inventors, mentors, writers, teachers, statesmen, … the list goes on … these will be reduced to “the standard” lost to the quest for the betterment of mankind. For those who can’t reach ‘the standard’, those who don’t fit the prescribed ‘box’, there is nothing but guaranteed failure – the scrap heap – becoming one of the marginalised. In this group there is brilliance too – there is compassion – there are giving hearts there are unrealised talents. But if a ‘system’ marginalises them, there is despair, anger, resentment and revolt. But the boxes are all of a standard ‘one size fits all’ so their talents, hopes, dreams and aspiration will come to naught, not due to lack of ability or desire but due to a callous and careless lack of recognition by money hungry corporates with no moral compasses. The GERM is indeed toxic. Please watch and SHARE this video.


4 thoughts on “The true state of affairs in Education

    1. You are scaring me. This is SO wrong. Vouchers & Charter schools are part and parcel of the whole plan to kill public education. Please read Diana Ravitch’s blog. The corruption with the charter industry is mind boggling. The majority take a punitive “no excuses” draconian approach that hurts children, is adverse to learning & is currently producing lower standards than the public schools.

      1. Diane Ravich is a spokesperson for the teachers unions and her opinion is worthless. Much has been written on the importance of handwriting skill in literacy, and few parents will send their kids to schools that don’t teach, so school vouchers in America might well be the answer our schools need.

      2. No one is disputing the worth of handwriting. You do this cause no favours by politicising it. You may not like Diane Ravitch’s support of teacher unions (though in the current climate of ‘blame it on the teachers’ has turned downright ugly & if ever teachers needed a union to protect them – now is that time). It is a disgrace that teachers are so disrespected. They do a great job considering the appalling biased ‘progressive’ training they receive. It is a further indictment on teacher trainers that they deliberately and wilfully withhold the knowledge teachers require to ensure student success in reading (decoding) & spelling (encoding) – regardless of who is governing at the time.

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