This blog has 2 Authors. Byron is a reading researcher and the designer of VAS Reading Echo on-line diagnostic assessment of basic reading skills, which can be found on-line at http://www.vasreadingecho.com

Jean is a private tutor and author of a comprehensive learning resource “Phonics Unlimited” which can be viewed or purchased at  http://www.blake.com.au/Phonics-Unlimited-s/2365.htm

Jean & Byron developed VAS Theory, which explains why many children struggle to learn to read. Together they wrote a book of case histories demonstrating VAS Theory in action. The book is titled “Reading Through Tears” and can be ordered from Byron’s web site.  URL is http://www.vasreadingecho.com

Jean’s web site deals with the practical issues of teaching. Her URL is http://www.vaslearningcentre.com

Teach your child/student basic reading & writing skills in 20 mins a day.